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Welcome to Mosquito Joe of Northern Delaware

Mosquito Joe of Northern Delaware is a family-owned and operated business. We love spring and summertime in our county, but it also brings us unwanted guests like mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks. It’s tempting to hide indoors to avoid being bitten and exposed to health threats like mosquito-borne viruses and Lyme disease. We’ve dealt with a wide array of yards and know exactly what to look for, making sure to not only eliminate the mosquitoes you already have, but to also identify and remove any places that mosquitoes could breed or live. Whether you are looking to have us keep your yard itch-free all summer or planning a special outdoor event, Mosquito Joe is the answer to keeping your family protected and comfortable.

Do you have a plan for Ticks? Ticks will begin to arrive in our area before mosquitoes, so it is a good idea to have a plan in place. Treating your yard for ticks early will prevent the spread of diseases to your family and pets. Take action and learn the best prevention techniques that you can do at home.

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Popular Outdoor Pest Repellent Services

Mosquito Joe provides mosquito control solutions for residential and commercial properties. Our technicians visit your property to deliver convenient and effective mosquito control treatments to rid your yard of mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas. Check out a few of our most popular services:

  • Barrier Sprays: We surround your home in a protective barrier against mosquitoes, keeping you and your family mosquito free for weeks!
  • Flea Control: In addition to our mosquito control services, we offer flea control services to help protect your furry friends. Let Mosquito Joe of Northern Delaware be your first line of defense against these disease-carrying pests.
  • Tick Control: Pet owners and parents alike are concerned with tick prevention. To help mitigate that concern, our technicians create a barrier for these intruders to prevent serious complications like Lyme disease.

About Us

Interested in learning more? Give us a call at 302-504-6757, submit a quote request or email us at today!

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Areas Served

Mosquito Joe of Northern Delaware serves residential and commercial customers in the following areas:

Call us today at 302-504-6757 if you would like to verify if we cover your area.


Great service! Any of the guys that come out to spray are alway knowledgeable, respectful and kind!

Kylene R

Our house always had issues and I think we were probably super annoying as clients - but you guys were always SO professional. We’d recommend you to anyone!

Alyssa L

We were satisfied with results and I felt staff were efficient and courteous. Plus calls I made to office with questions were responded to with answers that made sense.

Neil B

I was a little disappointed when I saw the guy spraying my blackberry bushes after being assured they would not touch anything edible. But I can't deny the mosquito protection we were provided.

Sarah D

Before Treatments by Mosquito Joe, we were not able to go outside without being attacked by mosquitos. Now we can finally enjoy our yard again. Thank you, Mosquito Joe!

Debbie B

Very happy, no skeeters all summer.


sorry today is 10/21/19 and you did not spray my home to my knowledge. But i did answer the question. Larry Calandro

Larry C

Everyone at the company really put my concerns at ease. They helped our flea infestation in the yard and did a thorough job during each spray. I look forward to using them again next season

Sara B

We saw a drama reduction in the mosquito population

Janice H

Loved the service this summer. I am a mosquito magnet and I wasn't bothered at all this year.

Tom K
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